Custom Metal Fabrication

At Metal Impressions Inc., we strive to give new buildings a clean, modern edge, and to marry both strength and beauty together for a fresh aesthetic. With our custom sheet metal fabrication and installation services, we can provide the perfect new look to any commercial property.

Our specialty is ACM composite panels, which we mechanically fabricate to provide superior strength and durability. All of our composite panels are installed by a team of professionals to give you a flawless exterior or interior display. Additionally, our commercial wall panel systems, including insulated panels, offer superior energy efficiency and performance. When working with these systems and specialty metals such as zinc, copper of other materials, we always strive to meet all our clients’ needs and preferences.

Composite wall panels are incredibly versatile while also delivering a durable and resilient product. Our unique construction process allows us to make composite walls that can imitate nearly any traditional building material and complete any desired effect. We strive to meet your exact needs with ideal composite construction and precise installation, and to provide a sharp, chic image that you can admire for years to come.

We work with clients all throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, and with our own fabricating equipment, we can offer an accelerated fabrication and installation process – meaning we can get nearly any job done faster and for less! Learn more about having custom composite wall panels installed at your property or business by calling Metal Impressions Inc. today at 919-542-4655.